The WERSI organ contains a comprehensive set of synthesiser sounds sampled from a wide range of past and present synthesisers. These can be substantially enhanced with the activation of an optional World of Synths package which provides a large selection of additional sounds. Together they provide a very comprehensive set of Leads, Pads, Brass, Sweeps, Loops etc. and synthesiser controls such as filters and oscillators. In this first piece by Burt Bacharach and Hal David we use a variety of different synthesiser sounds from both the OAS database and the optional package to demonstrate how these unique sounds can be blended in with the more traditional orchestral sounds of the instrument. Synthesiser sounds are used for the intro, bridge sections and ending of the piece and also for the middle section. Percussive sounds are chosen for all the registrations to complement the raindrop motif of the piece which is prefaced by a rainstorm from the Special Effects Unit. An umbrella is recommended !         

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

In this next piece by John Williams all the orchestrations are taken entirely from the OAS synthesiser database and the World of Synths optional package. Additional effects are provided by the Special Effects Unit. May the force be with you !

Theme From Star Wars


             THE SYNTHESISER

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