The HD Series instruments can support a wide range of sample players capable of producing high quality sounds from a huge variety of sampled instruments including classical and theatre pipe organs, electronic organs, the full range of orchestral instruments, ethnic instruments, choral and vocal sounds, synthesisers, and special effects.




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The Hereford Cathedral Pipe Organ

The four manual Henry Willis pipe organ installed in Hereford Cathedral.

It is one of the finest examples of the work of Henry (Father) Willis, England’s premier organ builder, and was the first in the country to have adjustable pistons, a Willis invention.

The instrument currently comprises four manuals, a 32 note pedalboard, 67 stops and over four thousand pipes.

Hereford Sample Set

The Paramount 320 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

This is one of a series of five Wurlitzer theatre organ models available from Paramount Organ Works.

They range in size from the small 310 model with three manuals and ten ranks up to the mighty 450 model with four manuals and fifty ranks.

All the models have been constructed from samples taken from actual Wurlitzer instruments.   

Paramount Sample Set

The MasterWorks 331 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

This is the Wurlitzer theatre organ model available from Milan Digital Audio.

It comprises three manuals, thirty one ranks and 256 stops. The organ has been designed by world leading theatre organist Jelani Eddington.

The instrument has been constructed from samples taken from actual Wurlitzer instruments.   

Masterworks Sample Set

The VB3-II Virtual Hammond Organ

This is the legendary B3 Hammond organ model available from Genuine Soundware and Instruments (GSI).

It provides all the features of the original instrument plus twenty two different model variants, a customisable Leslie Speaker, and a comprehensive user preset facility.     

Mathematical modelling is used for tone generation to more accurately emulate the original organ sound.    

VB3 Hammond Organ