Welcome to the wonderful world of WERSI. The curtain rises on our showcase to the sound of this well known theme from Richard Strauss in which we feature the brass and string sections from the organ’s orchestral sounds and timpani from the percussion section.

Sunrise From Also Sprach Zarathustra

Before we look in detail at the various aspects of the instrument let’s hear the full WERSI sound with a piece of music that utilises many of its features, including a selection of orchestral sounds, a rhythm from the drum unit, a style from the accompaniment unit and instruments from the percussion section. In addition to a comprehensive set of standard effects in the special effects unit we also have the option of loading in our own effects like the galloping horses and gunshots that you will hear in the opening sequence of the piece. Since we’re starting with all guns blazing how about something with a western theme, so saddle up your horse and let’s head way out west to those wide open spaces as we listen to the music of Elmer Bernstein.

Theme From The Magnificent Seven


                   CURTAIN UP

© Jeff Ormerod - Wersi Organ Showcase

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