There are a number of WersiChord modes that enable two part harmonisations to be defined. In this next piece popularised by Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra, the Piccolos in the woodwind section feature prominently. A three part harmonisation for these is achieved by combining a WersiChord Piccolo with an upper manual Piccolo. Setting the WersiChord to Duet mode provides the two lower notes of the harmonisation whilst the upper manual Piccolo provides the top note for the melody.

A Swingin’ Safari

When a number of similar instruments are playing together, as in the string, brass and woodwind sections of bands and orchestras, the different parts that they play will form a series of chords as the musical score progresses. This effect can be replicated on Wersi instruments by using an OAS facility called WersiChord. It turns a single note being played on the upper manual into a chord. The sound for this chord is specified in Selector 3 of the upper manual and is activated by the WersiChord button on the console. The notes for the chord are harmonised from the chord being played on the lower manual. A set of different modes for the WersiChord enables a wide variety of harmonisations to be defined for a range of different playing styles, including brass, woodwind and vocal ensembles. In this first piece from the musical “A Chorus Line” composed by Marvin Hamlisch we demonstrate the WersiChord Solo mode. This is a single note harmonisation that enables the instrument selected for the WersiChord to sound only on the top note of all the chords being played by the other upper manual sounds. The effect is used in the last section of the piece to add a solo WersiChord Trumpet to the chords of the upper manual Strings.

What I Did For Love



In this final piece we use one of the ensemble harmonisations of the WersiChord to create the classic sound of the Glenn Miller orchestra. The harmonisation for this is achieved by combining a WersiChord Saxophone with upper manual Saxophone and Clarinet. Setting the WersiChord to Reed mode provides the chords for the orchestra’s main saxophone section whilst the upper manual Saxophone and Clarinet provide the melody.     

Moonlight Serenade

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