I wonder if you remember the days when a music store in your town would organise showcase concerts in association with the big electronic organ companies like Hammond, Lowrey and Yamaha. The entire company’s product range would be displayed on stage with one of the country’s star organists moving from model to model explaining all the features each instrument had to offer and playing all kinds of different music. The aim of the event was of course to sell instruments, but in an ingenious way it was also a very entertaining experience for what was often a very diverse clientele.
In the audience there would be those that didn’t play an instrument but had a keen interest in the electronic organ and enjoyed the music that it was capable of producing. Unlike the many demo discs and Internet videos that we see today where only a fragment of music is used to demonstrate a particular feature, each piece of music would be expertly arranged and performed all the way through. So these people enjoyed a full evening’s entertainment from a top professional musician, and although they weren’t going to buy an organ they would almost certainly attend concerts by other organists featuring the brand and more than likely buy their recordings.

Then there were those that did play an instrument, usually the piano, and they might be considering purchasing an electronic organ. For these people the demonstrations were the most useful and important part of the event, enabling them to gain a well-informed detailed knowledge of the instruments and to make comparisons with other brands. If they were impressed with what they saw and heard, a decision to buy might be imminent, or it might be an aspiration for the future.

Finally there were those that already owned an electronic organ, either from the brand that was being demonstrated or from another manufacturer. In addition to learning all about the instruments, these people were also able to pick up useful tips on playing techniques and styles from the demonstrations. If they owned a previous model of the same brand they might be persuaded to trade up to the latest model. If they owned a model from another brand they might consider going for a trade-in.
Well, these days such events are few and far between, but the good news is that through the wonders of the Internet we can recreate this enjoyable and memorable experience.

So sit back and relax as we raise the curtain on our Wersi Organ Showcase.

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© Jeff Ormerod - Wersi Organ Showcase

© Jeff Ormerod - Wersi Organ Showcase