The WERSI OAS (Open Art System) digital organs are truly amazing instruments capable of producing hundreds of different sounds and effects. This showcase will take you on a tour of these instruments highlighting all the features that enable them to replicate anything from a small jazz trio to a full concert orchestra. An explanation of these features is provided and the accompanying audio examples, played live with no multi-tracking, will demonstrate their use in a variety of musical styles. So whether you are an existing player, or aspire to be, or just enjoy listening to music, I hope that you will find the showcase interesting, informative and above all entertaining. Let’s have some fun as we explore the wonderful world of WERSI.  



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Introducing the Wersi Sound

Constructing a Concert Orchestra

Creating the Sound of the Hammond Organ

Creating the Sound of the Church Pipe Organ

Creating the Sound of the Theatre Pipe Organ

Creating the Sound of the Synthesiser

Composing, Modifying and Using Styles

Adding a Rhythm Section and Arpeggios

Applying Reverberation, Chorus, Dynamics & Delay

Applying Pitch Bend, Portamento and Pitch Glide

Adding Automatic Solo, Duet and Chord Harmonies

Creating and Using Digital and MIDI Recordings

Modifying and Creating Sounds and Effects

The Showcase Finale
















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Curtain Up

The Orchestra

The Drawbar Organ

The Church Organ

The Theatre Organ

The Synthesiser


Rhythm Design


Note Articulation

Chord Harmonisation

Backing Tracks

Sound Design

Curtain Down                                                               


About The Recordings                                                       =>   How the Recordings Were Made

If you would like to listen to just the music featured in all the Showcase demos you can do this by clicking on The Showcase Playlist link below.

The tunes are listed by musical genre and cross referenced to their respective sections in the Showcase. A brief description of the features that each tune demonstrates is also included.

The Showcase Playlist

All the Showcase music has been recorded directly from the audio outputs of the Wersi organ using a Tascam DR-680 digital recorder, and monitored on a set of Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones. To hear the true authentic sound of the instrument it is recommended that you listen with these headphones, or others of an equivalent quality.